Charles S. Neer Award

Basic Science Award

Scott A. Rodeo, MD
Susumu Wada, MD, PhD
Amir Lebaschi, MD
Yusuke Nakagawa, MD, PhD
Xiang-Hua Deng, MD
Camila Carballo, PhD, PT
Daniel Nemirov, BA
Dean Wang, MD
Zoe Album, BS
Liang Ying

Muscle-Derived Activated Endothelial Cells As A New Cell Source To Enhance Tendon-To-Bone Healing: In Vivo Study In A Murine Rotator Cuff Repair Model

Basic Science Award

Ranjan Gupta, MD
Justin Chan, BA
Jennifer Uong
Winnie Palispis, MD
Osward Steward, PhD
Thay Q. Lee, PhD

Analysis Of Human Muscles Of The Shoulder & Upper Extremity A Temporal Profile Of Human Motor Endplate Degradation 

Clinical Science Award

Philipp Moroder, MD
Eva Schultz, MD
Guido Wierer, MD
Alexander Auffarth, MD
Peter Habermeyer, MD
Herbert Resch, MD
Mark Taube, MD

Latarjet Procedure Versus Iliac-Crest Bone Graft Transfer For Treatment Of Anterior Shoulder Instability With Glenoid Bone Loss: A Prospective Randomized Trial

Clinical Science Award

Logan Kolakowski, BS
Jim K. Lai, MD
Grant T. Duvall, BS
Julio J. Jauregui, MD
Andrew G. Dubina, MD
Derek L. Jones, BS
Katrina M. Williams, PhD
S. Ashfaq Hasan, MD
R. Frank Henn, III, MD
Mohit N. Gilotra, MD

Benzoyl Peroxide Effectively Decreases Pre-Operative Propionibacterium acnes Shoulder Burden: A Randomized Trial

Clinical Science Award

Luke S. Austin, MD
Usman Ali M. Syed, BS
Alexander W. Aleem, MD
Charles D. Wowkanech, BS
Danielle Weekes, MD
Mitchell Freedman, DO
Matthew D. Pepe, MD
Fotios P. Tjoumakaris, MD
Joseph A. Abboud, MD

The Effect of Preoperative Education on Opioid Consumption in Patients Undergoing Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: A Prospective, Randomized Control Trial

Basic Science Award

Andrew R. Jensen, MD, MBE
Benjamin V. Kelley, BA
Gina M. Mosich, MD
Allison Ariniello, BS
Claire D. Eliasberg, MD
Brandon K. Vu, BS
Paras Shah, BS
Sai K. Devana, BS
Iain R. Murray, MD, PhD
Bruno Péault, PhD
Ayelet Dar, PhD
Frank A. Petrigliano, MD

PDGFRα + PDGFRß+ Progenitor Cells Contribute to Fatty Degeneration and Fibrosis Following Massive Rotator Cuff Tears in a Murine Model

Basic Science Award

John R. Haggart, MD
Michael D. Newton, MS
Anthony Ho, MD
Samantha Hartner, BS
Kevin C. Baker, PhD
Michael Kurdziel, MS
J. Michael Wiater, MD

Wear Rates of 32mm and 40mm Glenospheres in a Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in Vitro Wear Simulation Model

Clinical Science Award

Scott Holmes, MSc
Ana Pena Diaz, MSc
George S. Athwal, MD, FRCSC
Kenneth J. Faber, MD, FRCSC, MEd
David B. O’Gorman, MSc, PhD

A Rapid Detection Method for Propionibacterium acnes from Surgical Biopsies of the Shoulder

Basic Science Award

Michael Künzler, MD
Katja Nuss, DVM
Agnieszka Karol, DVM
Michael Schär, MD
Michael Hottiger, DVM
Sumit Raniga, MD
David Kenkel, MD
Brigitte von Rechenberg, DVM
Matthias A. Zumstein, MD

Reduced Muscle Degeneration and Decreased Fatty Infiltration after Rotator Cuff Tear in a PARP-1 Knock-Out Mouse Model

Clinical Science Award

Tyler J. Brolin, MD
Ryan P. Mulligan, MD
Frederick M. Azar, MD
Thomas (Quin) Throckmorton, MD

Outpatient Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in the Ambulatory Surgery Center Environment Is a Safe Alternative to the Inpatient Hospital Setting:  A Matched Cohort Study

Basic Science Award

Salvatore J. Frangiamore, MD, MS
Anas Saleh, MD
Matthew J. Grosso, MD
Mario Farias-Kovac, MD
Xiaochun S. Zhang, MD, PhD
Thomas M. Daly, MD
Thomas W. Bauer, MD, PhD
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Eric T. Ricchetti, MD

Analysis of Cytokine Profiles in the Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infections of the Shoulder

Clinical Science Award

Robert J. Gillespie, MD
Yousef Shishani, MD
Shane Hanzlik, MD
Jonathan J. Streit, MD
Reuben Gobezie, MD

A Randomized, Prospective Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Tranexamic Acid in Reducing Blood Loss after Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Clinical Science Award

Ruth A. Delaney, MD
Michael T. Freehill, MD
David R. Janfaza, MD, MSc
Kamen V. Vlassakov, MD
Laurence D. Higgins, MD
Jon J.P. Warner, MD

Neuromonitoring the Latarjet Procedure

Basic Science Award

Asheesh Bedi, MD
Stuart M. Roche, BS
Evan B. Lynch, BSE
Max E. Davis, BA
Elizabeth R. Sibilsky Enselman, MEd, ATC
Dennis R. Claflin, PhD
Christopher L. Mendias, PhD, ATC

Changes in Muscle Fiber Function and Architecture in Patients with Chronic Rotator Cuff Tears

Clinical Science Award

Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH
John E. (Jed) Kuhn, MD
Keith M. Baumgarten, MD
Julie Y. Bishop, MD
Robert H. Brophy, MD
James L. Carey, MD, MPH
G. Brian Holloway, MD
Grant L. Jones, MD
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
Eric C. McCarty, MD
Edwin E. Spencer, Jr., MD
Armando F. Vidal, MD
Brian R. Wolf, MD, MS
Rick W. Wright, MD

Defining Indications for Rotator Cuff Repair: Predictors of Failure of Nonoperative Treatment of Chronic, Symptomatic, Full-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears

Basic Science Award

Joo Han Oh, MD, PhD
Seok Won Chung, MD
Sae Hoon Kim, MD, PhD
Jong Pil Yoon, MD
Hye Yeon Choi, MD
Jun Ha Choi, MD
Nam Yun Chung, MD

Effect of the Adipose-Derived Stem Cell for the Improvement of Fatty Degeneration and Rotator Cuff Healing in Rabbit Model

Clinical Science Award

Jason L. Koh, MD
Steven D. Levin, MD
Eric L. Chehab, MD
Glenn Murphy, MD

Cerebral Oxygenation in the Beach Chair Position: The Effect of General Anesthesia Compared to Regional Anesthesia

Clinical Science Award

John E. Kuhn, MD
Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH
Angel Qi An, MS
Keith M. Baumgarten, MD
Julie Y. Bishop, MD
Robert H. Brophy, MD
James L. Carey, MD, MPH
G. Brian Holloway, MD
Grant L. Jones, MD
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
Robert G. Marx, MD, MPH
Eric C. McCarty, MD
Sourav K. Poddar, MD
Matthew V. Smith, MD
Edwin E. Spencer, Jr., MD
Armando F. Vidal, MD
Brian R. Wolf, MD
Rick W. Wright, MD

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy in Treating Atraumatic Full Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears. A Multi-Center Prospective Cohort Study.

Clinical Science Award

Derek Cuff, MD
Derek Pupello, MBA

Prospective Randomized Study of Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Using an Early Versus Delayed Post-operative Physical Therapy Protocol

Basic Science Award

Asheesh Bedi, MD
Alice Fox, MSc
Xiang-Hua Deng, MD
Paul Harris, PhD
Russell F. Warren, MD
Scott A. Rodeo, MD

Diabetes Mellitus Impairs Tendon-Bone Healing After Rotator Cuff Repair

Clinical Science Award

Gary M. Gartsman, MD
Gregory Drake, DO
T. Bradley Edwards, MD
Hussein Elkousy, MD
Steven M. Hammerman, MD
Dan O’Connor, PhD

Ultrasound Evaluation of Arthroscopic Full-Thickness Supraspinatus Rotator Cuff Repair: Single-Row vs. Double-Row Suture Bridge (Transosseous Equivalent) Fixation.  Results of a Randomized, Prospective Study

Basic Science Award

Leesa M. Galatz, MD
Nichole Charlton
Rosalina Das
Hyun-Min Kim, MD
Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD

Complete Removal of Muscle Load is Detrimental to Rotator Cuff Healing

Clinical Science Award

T. Bradley Edwards, MD
Joanne E. Labriola, MD
Rodney J. Stanley, MD
Daniel P. O'Connor, PhD
Hussein A. Elkousy, MD
Gary M. Gartsman, MD

Radiographic Comparison of Pegged and Keeled Glenoid Components Using Modern Cementing Techniques: A Prospective Randomized Study

Basic Science Award

Ian Lo, MD
May Chung, BSc
Sherri Liang, BSc
Paul Sciore, PhD
Richard Boorman, MD
Kenneth Muldrew, PhD
Gail Thornton, PhD
Jerome Rattner, PhD

Local Anesthetics Induce Chondrocyte Death in Bovine Articular Cartilage Discs in a Dose and Duration Dependent Manner

Clinical Science Award

Lennart Hovelius, MD
Bjorn Sandstrom, MD
Modolv Saeboe, MD
Bengt-Goran Augustini, MD
Lars Krantz, MD
Hans Fredin, MD
Bo Tillander, MD
Ulf Skoglund, MD
Ulf Sennerby, MD

The Evolution of Dislocation Arthropathy in First Time Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in the Young.  223 Shoulders Prospectively Followed for 25 Years

Basic Science Award

Christian Gerber, MD
Matthias A Zumstein, MD
Eric Frey, MD
Brigitte von Rechenberg
Hans Hoppeler, MD
Robert Frigg
Bernhard Jost, MD
Dominik C Meyer, MD

Reversion of Structural Muscular Changes Caused by Chronic Rotator Cuff Tendon Tearing Using Continuous Musculotendinous Traction: An Experimental Study in the Sheep

Clinical Science Award

Michael McKee, MD
Christian JH Veillette, MSc, MD
Emil H. Schemitsch, MD
Lisa M. Wild, BScN
Jeremy Hall, MD
Robert McCormack, MD
Bertrand Perey, MD
Mauri Zomar, RN
Pierre Guy, MD
Scott Mandel, MD
Thomas Goetz, MD
Karyn Moon, MD
Shirley Petit, RN
Irene Leung, RN

A Multicenter Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Open Reduction Internal Fixation versus Total Elbow Arthroplasty for Displaced Intra-articular Distal Humeral Fractures in Elderly Patients

Basic Science Award

G. Russell Huffman, MD
John M Itamura, MD
Michelle H McGarry, MS
James E Tibone, MD
Long Duong, BS
Jeremy Gililland, BS
Thay Q Lee, PhD

Biomechanical Assessment of Inferior Tuberosity Placement during Hemiarthroplasty for 4-part Proximal Humerus Fractures

Clinical Science Award

Andrew A. Willis, MD
Stephen Fealy, MD
Russell F Warren, MD
Ronald S Adler, PhD, MD
Edward V Craig, MD
Frank A Cordasco, MD
Stephen Lyman, PhD

Deep-Vein Thrombosis Following Reconstructive Shoulder Arthroplasty:  A Prospective Observational Study

Clinical Science Award

Pascal Boileau, MD
Duncan Watkinson, MD
Istvan Hovorka, MD
A Hadzidakis, MD 

Results of Reversed Prosthesis in Glenohumeral Joint Arthritis Associated with Rotator Cuff Tear

Clinical Science Award

Sameer Nagda, MD
Gerald Williams, Jr., MD
Kenneth Rogers, PhD, ATC
Matthew Ramsey, MD
Charles Getz, MD
David Silverberg, MD

Monitoring of Peripheral Nerve Function During Shoulder Arthroplasty Using Continuous Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring

Basic Science Award

David M. Dines, MD
Daniel A Grande, PhD
Pasquale Razzano, MS
James Mason, PhD

Tendon Gene Therapy Modulates the Local Repair Environment

Clinical Science Award

Julie Bishop, MD
Ian Ky Lo, MD
Steven Klepps, MD
Justin Bird, MD
James Gladstone, MD
Evan L Flatow, MD

Cuff Integrity Following Arthroscopic Versus Open Rotator Cuff Repair: A Prospective Study

Basic Science Award

Bryan T. Kelly, MD
Riley J. Williams, MD
Frank A. Cordasco, MD
Sherry I. Backus, MA, PT
James C. Otis, PhD
Daniel E. Weiland, MD
David W. Altchek, MD
Edward V. Craig, MD
Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD
Russell F. Warren, MD

Differential Patterns of Muscle Activation in Patients with Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Clinical Science Award

Eiji Itoi, MD
Yuji Hatakeyama, MD
Tadato Kido, MD
Takeshi Sato, MD
Hiroshi Minagawa, MD
Ikuko Wakabayashi, MD
Moto Kobayashi, MD

A New Method of Immobilization after Dislocation of the Shoulder:  A Prospective Randomized Study

Clinical Science Award

John W. Sperling, MD
Robert H. Cofield, MD
Charles M. Rowland, MS

Minimum 15-Year Follow-up of Neer Hemiarthroplasty and Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in Patients 50 Years Old and Less

Basic Science Award

John D. MacGillivray, MD
Stephen Fealy, MD
Jason L. Koh, MD
Alan Nixon, DVM
Russell F. Warren, MD
Michael Terry, MD

Evaluation of a Rotator Cuff Defect Model Augmented with a Bioresorbable Scaffold in Goats

Clinical Science Award

Jan Nowak, MD
Margareta Holgersson PhD
Sune Larsson MD, PhD

Can We Predict Sequelae Following Fractures of Clavicle Based on Initial Findings?  A Prospective Study with 9-10 Years Follow Up|

Basic Science Award

Mark A. Frankle, MD
Leo Ondrovic, MS
Blaine Markee, MD
M. Lance Harris, MD
William Lee, PhD 

Tuberosity Reconstruction in Hemiarthroplasty for Four-Part Proximal Humerus Fractures:  A Biomechanical Study to Assess Interfragmentary Stability

Clinical Science Award

Gerald R. Williams, Jr., MD
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
John Antoniou, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Matthew L. Ramsey, MD

Iliotibial Graft Reconstruction for Treatment of Glenohumeral Instability Associated with Irreparable Suscapularis Tears and Capsular Deficiency

Basic Science Award

Louis J. Soslowsky, PhD
David Malicky, PhD
Cameron Mouro, BS
Juan Frisancho, MD
Steven Lindholm
John Kuhn, MD

Total and Non Recoverable Strain Fields of the Glenohumeral Joint Capsule Under Shoulder Subluxation 

Clinical Science Award

Ashwin V. Deshmukh, MD
Mark Koris, MD
David Zurakowski, PhD
Margi Chan, BA
Thomas S. Thornhill, MD

Minimum Ten-Year Follow-up, Functional Outcome, and Quality of Life After Neer-Type Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Basic Science Award

Louis J. Soslowsky, PhD
Stavros Thomopoulos, MS
Sovanrith Tun, MD
Colleen L. Flanagan, MS
Colby C. Keefer, BS
Jerry J. Mastaw, BS
James E. Carpenter, MD 

Overuse Activity Injures the Supraspinatus Tendon in an Animal Model: A Histologic and Biomechanical Study

Clinical Science Award

Jon J.P. Warner, MD
I.M. Parsons IV, MD 

Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfer: Comparison of Primary and Salvage Reconstruction of Massive Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears

Basic Science Award

Christian Gerber, MD
Richard W Nyffeler, MD
Alberto G Schneeberger, MD 

Experimental Rotator Cuff Repair: An In-Vivo Study in 47 Sheep

Clinical Science Award

Christian Gerber, MD
Bruno Fuchs, MD
Juerg Hodler, MD

The Clinical and Structural Results of Direct Repair of Massive Tears of the Rotator Cuff

Basic Science Award

Mark Selecky, MD
C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., MD
Thomas Hedman, PhD
Vahid Saadat, MS

The Effects of Laser Induced Collagen Shortening on the Biomechanical Properties of the Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Complex

Clinical Science Award

William H. Thompson, IV, MD
Frank W. Jobe, MD 

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Throwing Athletes: Muscle Splitting Approach Without Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve 

Basic Science Award

Evan L. Flatow, MD
Rick A. Raimondo, MD
Rajeev Kelkar, MS
Vincent M. Wang, BS
Roger G. Pollock, MD
Robert J. Pawluk, MS
Van C. Mow, PhD
Louis U. Bigliani, MD 

Active and Passive Restraints Against Superior Humeral Translation: The Contributions of the Rotator Cuff, the Biceps Tendon, and the Coracoacromial Arch

Clinical Science Award

Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
John T. Campbell, MD
Richard S. Moore, MD
Tom R. Norris, MD
Gerald R. Williams, Jr., MD  

Peri-Prosthetic Humeral Fractures—Mechanisms of Fracture and Treatment Options

Basic Science Award

Claude T. Moorman, III, MD,
Xiang-Hua Deng, MD
Russell F. Warren, MD
Peter A Torzilli, PhD
Thomas L. Wickiewucz, MD

The Coracoacromial Ligament:  Is It the Appendix of the Shoulder?

Clinical Science Award

Allan E. Inglis, MD
Mark P. Figgie, MD
Lauren Asnis

Total Elbow Replacement Arthroplasty for Flail and Unstable Elbows

Basic Science Award

Scott M. Lephart, PhD
Paul Borsa, MD
Freddie H. Fu, MD
Jon J.P. Warner, MD  

Proprioception of the Shoulder Joint in Normal, Unstable, and Post Capsulolabral Reconstructed Individuals

Clinical Science Award

David M. Weinstein, MD
Charles S. Neer, II, MD  

On the Rarity of Glenoid Component Failure

Basic Science Award

David S. Morrison, MD
Anthony Frogameni, MD
Paul Woodworth, PT

Conservative Management for Subacromial Impingement of the Shoulder

Clinical Science Award

Robin R. Richards, MD, FRCSC
D. Beaton, BScOT
A.R. Hudson, MD, ChB, FRCS(Ed), FRCSC

Shoulder Arthrodesis in Fifty-Seven Patients: A Functional Outcome Analysis

Basic Science Award

Roger G. Pollock, MD
Efrain D. Deliz, MD
Louis U. Bigliani, MD
Steven J. McIlveen, MD
Evan L. Flatow, MD

Prosthetic Replacement in Rotator Cuff Deficient Shoulders

Basic Science Award

Eiji Itoi, MD
Neil E. Motzkin, MD
Bernard F. Morrey, MD
Kai-Nan An, PhD 

The Stabilizing Function of the Long Head of the Biceps: With the Arm in Hanging Position

Basic Science Award

Felix H. Savoie, III, MD
Thomas J. Montgomery, MD
Buford Yerger, MD 

Comparison of Arthroscopic Debridement with Open Surgical Repair for Full Thickness Tears of the Rotator Cuff

Basic Science Award

Douglas T. Harryman, II, MD
J.A. Sidles, PhD
F.A. Matsen, III, MD

Laxity of the Normal Glenohumeral Joint – A Quantitative Assessment

Basic Science Award

Brett R. Horwitz, MD
D. Lawrence Burk, MD
John M. Fenlin, MD
Arthur R. Bartolozzi, MD

Correlation of MRI and Arthrography with Surgical Findings in Rotator Cuff Disease

Basic Science Award

Louis U. Bigliani, MD
Stephen J. McIlveen, MD
Frank Cordasco, MD
Emilio Musso, MD

Operative Repair of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: Long Term Results

Basic Science Award

Christian Gerber, MD
Alberto Schneeberger, MD
Tho-Son Vinh, MD, PhD

The Arterial Vascularisation of the Humeral Head. An Anatomic Study

Basic Science Award

Stephen J. O’Brien, MD

Anatomy and Histology of the Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Complex

Basic Science Award

Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD
D. Christopher Young, MD

Complications and Management of the Failed Bristow Shoulder Reconstructions

Basic Science Award

Bernard F. Morrey, MD

Surgical Takedown of the Ankylosed Elbow

Basic Science Award

Shawn W. O’Driscoll, MD
Dennis C. Evans, MD

Long-Term results of the Staple Capsulorrhaphy: Twenty Years Experience in the Toronto Teaching Hospitals

Basic Science Award

Frank W. Jobe, MD
Ronald Glousman, MD
James Tibone, MD
Diane Moynes, MS, RPT
Jacquelin Perry, MD 

Dynamic EMG Analysis of the Throwing Shoulder with Gleno-Humeral Instability

Basic Science Award

Melvin Post, MD

Constrained Total Shoulder Arthroplasty - Long Term Results 

Basic Science Award

Edward V. Craig, MD

Continuous Passive Motion in the Rehabilitation of the Surgically Reconstructed Shoulder

Basic Science Award

Daniel A. Funk, MD
Kai-Nan, MD, PhD
Bernard F. Morrey, MD
Jasper R. Daube, MD

The Dynamics of the Elbow: A Functional Electromyographic Study

Charles S. Neer, II, M.D. (1917-2011) was born on November 10, 1917 and raised in Vinita, Oklahoma.  His father was a pioneer Oklahoma Territory Physician and Surgeon and his grandfather was also a physician.  After graduating from Dartmouth College he received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School where he also did his internship in general surgery.  He started his residency on the Fracture Service of the Presbyterian Hospital  in New York City but this was interrupted as he proudly served  as a Captain in the U.S. Army during World War II first in Europe under General George Patten and then in Asia.  After his military service he completed his training and joined the Fracture Service at The Presbyterian Hospital with its eventual incorporation with The New York Orthopaedic Hospital and The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York City.

During his 50-year association with The Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Neer became a tenured Professor of the University, Director of the Fracture Service and Chief of the Adult Orthopaedic Service. He retired in 1990 as Emeritus Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery and Emeritus Professor and Special Lecturer and returned to his hometown.

 Within the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and The American Orthopaedic Association Neer distinguished himself by being their representative to the Board of Directors of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. He served on the inaugural Committee for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery for the AAOS, developed the first dedicated Fellowship for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in 1976, and carved out the first Shoulder and Elbow Clinic from the rest of the Orthopaedic and Rheumatological Services at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Dr. Neer founded and became the first President of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons in 1982. He served as the Organizing Chairman of the IV International Congress on Surgery of the Shoulder in 1989. He was the Founding Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Dr. Neer’s many academic and surgical achievements include developing the standard for classification of proximal humerus fractures used globally. He developed the non-constrained proximal humerus and total shoulder arthroplasty systems. He altered the orthopaedic understanding of impingement syndrome and rotator cuff pathology beginning with his anterior acromioplasty article in 1972. He refined concepts in shoulder instability and dislocations with his approaches involving multidirectional instability and repetitive micro trauma. Dr. Neer authored widely cited articles in each major area of the shoulder-namely fractures and trauma, prosthetic replacements, impingement and rotator cuff tears and instability.  The British Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery in 2010 searched the Orthopaedic literature from 1945 to 2008 for the top 100 quoted articles.  Dr. Neer had 5 articles in the top 100 – more than anyone else, a remarkable achievement.   His advancements are summarized in his signature book Shoulder Reconstruction.

Dr. Neer was an exemplary physician, surgeon and teacher to his peers and colleagues. His contributions to our field over his 50 year career continue to shape our discussions and likely will for many years to come. One of his great legacies is the large number of surgeons who traveled to Columbia from all over the country and the world to train under him, many of whom are leaders of our field today.

In 1985, Charles S. Neer, II, MD, created a fund to provide recognition for outstanding clinical investigation contributing to the understanding, care or prevention of injuries to the shoulder and elbow.  Named after its benefactor, this prestigious award has been presented annually since the first Open Meeting of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.  In 1987, the award was expanded to include both clinical and research categories.

The top-graded papers are selected by the Program Committee from the numerous abstracts submitted each year.  The chosen Neer Award manuscripts are then reviewed and graded by the Research Committee to determine the final winners.  No one who has a manuscript under consideration may evaluate the papers.

The Charles S. Neer Award recipients receive an honorarium and a certificate at the time their papers are presented during the Open Meeting.