To begin your ASES Membership Application Process and to receive an application, applicants must first be properly sponsored by current members of the Society.  Below, please find the minimum number of sponsors each applicant must have prior to receiving an application.

  • Active Member Applicants (those advancing from Associate Membership to Active Status):
    Must be sponsored by at least two (2) current Active Members
  • Associate Member Applicants:
    Must be sponsored by two (2) current Active Members
  • Candidate Member Applicants:
    Must be sponsored by two (2) current Active Members 
    If possible, one sponsor should be your ASES fellowship director
  • Affiliate Member Applicants:
    Must be sponsored by either two (2) current Active Members - OR -
    One (1) current Active Member and one (1) current Affiliate Member
  • Corresponding Member Applicants (International Applicants; This does not include Canada):
    Must be sponsored by two (2) current Active Members and one (1) current Corresponding Member

Our sponsorship period begins in November and closes in early to mid-January.  During this time, prospective members will have sponsor forms submitted on their behalf from current ASES members as designated above for each membership category.  Sponsors will login to our online sponsorship system and submit forms for prospective members.  A link to this online sponsorship system will be communicated to the current ASES members from the ASES office.  After obtaining proper sponsorship, prospective members will recieve application instructions for membership to ASES that will be due by early-February.  All of the submitted membership applications wll be reviewed by the ASES Membership Committee with the final decision on membership being made by early July. Those individuals that are accepted for membership will then have the opportunity to attend the ASES Annual Meeting during the same calendar year.

For the 2018 Application Year:

  • The sponsor period is now closed. It opened on Thursday, November 9, 2017, and closed on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.
  • The deadline for sponsor forms was Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  The sponsor period will again be open in November of 2018 for the 2019 application cycle.
  • After securing proper sponsorship, you will receive application instructions from the ASES office. Applicants will have until February 6, 2018 to submit their membership application materials.