Active Member


  • Must be a current Associate member of ASES
  • Must be a fellow of the AAOS or Active Membership in Canadian Orthopaedic Society and/or Board (AAOS/RCPS/AOA)
  • Must have a current practice whose major focus is shoulder and/or elbow surgery as described in your personal statement.
  • Must have attended 50% (or more) ASES Annual Meetings and Specialty Day Meetings while an Associate member
  • Must be a JSES Reviewer
  • Should have served (or attempted to serve) on an ASES committee within the past 3 years. If you have applied to serve, but have not been selected please note this in your personal statement


Applicants must be sponsored by two (2) current Active Members of ASES

Application Requirements

  • ASES Application
  • Personal Statement
  • CV
  • Shoulder & Elbow CV with scoring
  • Photo
  • Two (2) current Active Member ASES Sponsors

Application Process

Applicants may apply for Active Membership at any time once they achieve Associate status.

Term Limits


Membership Expectations

  • Active members should attend 50% (or more) ASES Annual Meetings and Specialty Day Meetings over each three (3) year period to maintain active membership. This requirement is waived after fifteen (15) years of being a member in good-standing.
  • Active members are highly encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at the Annual Meeting at least once over each three (3) year period.
  • Active members must be a reviewer for the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Unique Membership Benefits

  • Active members are the only member category that with voting rights.
  • You must be an Active member to serve on the ASES Executive Committee
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