Advancement Tools

The Advancement Tools below are designed to help Candidate and Associate members determine if they are prepared to advance within ASES and if not, assist them with ways to work towards Active membership. This is especially important for Candidate members who are limited to a 5 year term.

Shoulder & Elbow CV Score

One of the major Advancement Tools that the Membership Committee uses to determine whether or not an applicant is ready to advance to Associate or Active membership is their shoulder and elbow CV score. Using the point scales below and the Sample Shoulder & Elbow CV you can calculate your current score to see where you stand. The scores for those members that advanced to Associate status this past year ranged from 30-95 points and for Active status it ranged from 50-140 points.

  • Attendance at ASES Open Meeting/Specialty Day (during the AAOS Annual Meeting), or any ASES co-sponsored course in North American, such as the Biennial Course or an OCL shoulder or elbow course
  • (For Advancing Applicants Only) Attendance at the ASES Annual Meeting (Closed Meeting)
  • 3 points each
  • No Maximum Allowable Points
  • Current participation in a committee or national or regional medical society (eg. ABOS, AAOS, AOSSM, AANA or others)
  • 2 points each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10

Current Committee Rosters

  • Peer review articles Initiated During Training (Pre/During Fellowship) – Shoulder/Elbow topics only
    • Lead Author: 1 point each
    • Senior Author: 1 point each
    • Co-Author: .5 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10
  • Peer Review Articles from own work (After Fellowship) – – Shoulder/Elbow topics only
    • Lead Author: 2.25 points each
    • Senior Author: 2 points each
    • Co-Author: 1.5 points each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 20
  • Current leadership roles other than committee chair/member activity (e.g. teaching, lecturing, lab instructorship, etc.)
  • 1 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10
  • Leadership roles on a regional level (e.g. local committees)
  • Please Note: (Asst.) team physician will count as leadership on a regional level, for college or professional teams
  • 2 points each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10
  • Case reports – Shoulder/Elbow topics only
  • .25 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 5
  • Chapters – Shoulder/Elbow topics only
  • .5 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 5
  • Podium/Scientific Presentations at CME events (not industry events)
  • Please Note: Grand Round presentations or other lectures do not count
  • .5 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10
  • Completed reviews for the JSES
  • 1 point each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 10

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for JSES please contact Dr. William Mallon at

  • NOLC attendee – 2 points each
  • Councilor for the BOC or the BOS – 2 points each
  • Advocacy committee member for national, state or specialty society – 2 points each
  • Phone tree participant for year end push for PAC contributions – 2 points each
  • Established “critical relationship” with a legislator specifically as a point person for the ASES – 1 point each
  • Expert testimony to legislative healthcare committees- 2 points each
  • Attend a congressional event – 1 point each
  • Attend a state legislator event – 1 point each
  • Host congressional event – 2 points each
  • Host a state legislator event – 2 points each
  • Maximum Allowable Points: 6

Candidate Membership Advancement Tips Webinar: Demystifying the Application Process.

ASES Mentorship Program

Each summer, ASES Staff sends out a call for volunteers to members to determine who would like to participate in the ASES Mentorship Program. This gives Candidate members the ability to find a mentor that can not only help them advance within ASES but also help them advance their career in general. If you have questions about the ASES Mentorship Program please contact us at

Additional Advancement Tools and Tips

Attributes that would be helpful for consideration, include but are not limited to: traveling fellowships, awards related to shoulder and elbow surgery, fellowship director, residency director, department chair, shoulder and elbow expert in underrepresented area.

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