The mandate of the Political Advocacy Committee is to protect and promote the highest levels of quality care for patients with shoulder and elbow problems by identifying, advancing, and defending relevant political and legislative issues. To educate the general ASES membership and the public regarding such issues. To represent the interests of shoulder and elbow patients as well as the ASES membership to elected federal and state officials, as well as other participants in the legislative and political process.

Committee Roster

Theodore F. Schlegel, MD, Chair
Brandon “Brad” D. Bushnell, MBA, MD, Co-chair
Kevin J. Cronin, MD
Mina Abdelshahed, MD
Alison Lindsay Cabrera, MD
Jacob Calcei, MD
Gregory L. Cvetanovich, MD
Patrick J. Denard, MD
Jonathan A. Godin, MD
Brian Hill, MD
Claudius Jarrett, MD
Christopher J. Lenarz, MD
Mark C. Pinto, MD, MBA
Joshua Port, MD
Alan Reynolds, MD
Vani J. Sabesan, MD
Stephen C. Weber, MD
Melissa A. Wright, MD
Lawrence Gulotta, MD, Board Liaison
Mark A. Frankle, MD, Board Liaison

AAOS Orthopaedic PAC Advisor’s Circle

ASES was the first sub-specialty organization to join the Advisor’s Circle in 2017. Since then 5 other sub-specialties have followed our lead. The Orthopaedic PAC Advisor’s Circle is the AAOS’ premier PAC Corporate Donor Program. The Advisor’s Circle is designed to provide AAOS Members’ group practices and specialty societies with a leadership role within the Political Action Committee of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Orthopaedic PAC). A donation allows orthopaedic group practices to work together to maximize political opportunities on issues of importance to the orthopaedic community.

The Mark Frankle, MD Healthcare Policy Award

This prestigious award provides selected ASES fellows with unprecedented involvement in federal and state legislative policy as it impacts ASES members’ ability to provide care. Dr. Mark Frankle founded this award to foster a new generation of orthopaedic advocacy leaders.

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