ASES Foundation

History of the ASES Foundation

The ASES Foundation, formerly known as Continuing Education in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, was established in 1984 by American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons to assist in carrying out charitable and educational functions of the ASES.  The purpose of this independent entity is to engage in, advance, support, promote and administer charitable and educational activities, causes and projects.

ASES Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of the ASES Foundation is to foster scientific advances and enhance the study of shoulder and elbow surgery.

ASES Foundation Vision Statement

The ASES Foundation will be the leading foundation promoting research and education in shoulder and elbow by:

  • Addressing critical research needs and furthering the study of shoulder and elbow injuries and repair
  • Supporting the entry of young physicians into the field of musculoskeletal health
  • Promoting and funding strategic educational initiatives in shoulder and elbow with the ultimate goal of delivering enhanced value based care through better patient outcomes and lower costs
  • Educating the clinical and academic community, and the public, about care, surgical treatment options and prevention of injuries to shoulder and elbow

Board of Trustees

Anthony Miniaci, MD, Chairman
William N. Levine, MD, Past President
Charles L. Getz, MD, Secretary/Treasurer
Joseph A. Abboud, MD
April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC
Evan L. Flatow, MD
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Gregory P. Nicholson, MD
Jonathan B. Ticker, MD, Ex-officio


Ad Hoc Committee on Patient Centered Initiatives

April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, Chair
Shane Barton, MD
Julie Y. Bishop, MD
Ian R. Byram, MD
Michael T. Freehill, MD
Jonas J.R. Rudzki, MD, MSc
Edwin E. Spencer, Jr., MD
Anthony Miniaci, MD, Ex-officio


Ad Hoc Committee on Member Centered Initiatives

Gregory P. Nicholson, MD, Chair
Eric M. Black, MD
Rachel M. Frank, MD
Grant E. Garrigues, MD
Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD
Jason E. Hsu, MD
Jonathan C. Levy, MD
Lionel Neyton, MD
Anthony Miniaci, MD, Ex-officio
Jonathan B. Ticker, MD, Ex-officio

Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Centered Initiatives

Joseph A. Abboud, MD, Chair
Thomas (Quinn) W. Throckmorton, MD, Co-Chair
Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD
Andrew Jawa, MD
Kevin D. Plancher, MD
Alan M. Hirahara, MD
Sumant G. Krishnan, MD
Stephan G. Pill, MD
Stephanie J. Muh, MD
Ronald A. Navarro, MD
Anthony Miniaci, MD, Ex-officio

ASES Foundation

ASES Foundation
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