ASES Leadership Development Program

Development of future leaders is one of the most important activities of any not-for-profit organization.  Leaders possess the qualities necessary to lead an organization, provide a strategic direction and ensure growth of a profession.  

In order to remain a strong and vibrant organization that can effectively champion the sub-specialty of shoulder and elbow surgery within the context of the national and international orthopaedic community, it is imperative that a diverse group of future leaders is developed to assume leadership roles for the organization in the years to come.  

ASES highly values its volunteer leaders’ expertise, dedication, time commitment, integrity and ideas that contribute to the advancement of research, education and clinical practice in shoulder and elbow surgery. 

J3P Healthcare Solutions’ Consultants Leading the Program 
Organizational psychologists, or faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters in Medical Management program, extensive experience in orthopaedics and healthcare, widely published thought leadership and research within peer reviewed, high impact journals including, JBJS, CORR, Journal for Physician Leadership, Journal of Surgical Education, Neurosurgery,  Journal of Neurosurgery, American Journal of Medical Quality, Military Medicine, etc. 

Eligibility Criteria 
Candidate, Associate, Affiliate and Active members are eligible to apply. 

Program Requirements 
Participation in the entire program, completion of reading material/assignments and attendance at 2 face-to-face and four (4) Zoom meetings.  Participation in 1:1 assessment followed by two (2) 60 min individual sessions.   A group presentation to ASES Leadership/Attendees at the ASES Annual Meeting 2022 in Atlanta, GA and a testimonial after completion of the program.  Willingness to serve on a standing committee (2-year term), subject to availability.  Flexibility and time commitment. 

Curriculum Outline 

  • 2-hour launch session in person 
  • 3 Additional sessions 2-hrs each (1 face-to-face and 2 virtual breaking the audience down into smaller groups) 
  • Tendency Assessment: J3P Healthcare Professional Success Guide, customized for ASES 
  • Values Assessment: J3P Healthcare Professional Success Guide, customized for ASES 
  • Customized Health are Insights 360 Behavioral Assessment 
  • Two 60-minute virtual sessions with each participant to confidentially debrief the data from each assessment process.

Application and Review Process 
Admission to the program will be based on an application process and review of each applicant’s submission by selected members of the Member Experience Taskforce followed by the ASES Executive Committee approval.  Selection process will be finalized in early September. 

Curriculum timeline (specific dates TBD) 

  • October 21 or 22, 2021: 2-hrs face-to-face kick off meeting at the ASES Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL 
  • January 2022: 2-hour virtual training session 
  • March 2022: 2-hour virtual training session 
  • June 2022: final 2 hrs. face-to-face training session in San Diego, CA 
  • October 2022: Group presentation at ASES Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA 

Travel Arrangements 
Each participant will be responsible for making his/her travel arrangements and covering the cost of flight, hotel, and meals at the ASES Annual Meeting 2021, San Diego Shoulder Institute in San Diego, CA in June 2022 and ASES Annual Meeting 2022 in Atlanta, GA.  Participants actively attending an ASES Annual Meeting and SDSI course are responsible for registration fees. The leadership training session at each event is free of charge. 

Benefits of Participating in the Program 

  • Development of key leadership skills and competencies via a customized program for medical professionals.
  • Development/enhancement of strategic, creative, and visionary thinking and excellent communication skills. 
  • Exchanging ideas and perspectives with a diverse group of volunteer leaders. 
  • Entering an ASES Leadership Track resulting in increased long-term member engagement in the society’s activities. 
  • Playing a significant role in advancing the profession and shaping the society. 
  • Having an opportunity to enhance the value of ASES and ASES Foundation to the orthopaedic community. 

Contact Danielle Rejowski, ASES Education & Meeting Coordinator at

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