Candidate Member


A person who holds a degree of doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy and resides in the United States or Canada, completed an ASES recognized shoulder/elbow fellowship OR completed a shoulder & elbow, sports, arthroscopy, or hand fellowship with an ASES member AND have a current practice whose major focus is shoulder and/or elbow surgery. Board certification is not required.

After being accepted as a Candidate Member with the society, individuals may apply to the Membership Committee for advancement to Associate or Active Member status at any time. A candidate member may retain the status of candidate member for a period of five (5) years, after which the candidate membership will expire. The Candidate member may, at this time or any other time, apply for associate membership.

Term Limits: This member category is limited to 5 years.

Requirements of Membership:

Candidate Members must attend 50% or more of ASES Annual Meetings and Specialty Day Meetings over each three (3) year period.  Attendance at any ASES co-sponsored course in North America, such as the Biennial Course, or an OLC shoulder or elbow course, will be counted as attendance at an additional meeting for the terms of this requirement.  In addition, Candidate Members should review, if requested, for the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Criteria for Membership:

  • Interested applicants may apply for Candidate Membership at the completion of a fellowship with an ASES Member;
  • Application must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the Fellowship Director (if the Fellowship Director is not a sponsor).
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