Fellow’s Core Curriculum Series 2020

Fellow's Core Curriculum Series 2020
April 30, 2020Anterior InstabilityWilliam Levine, MDMatt Provencher, MD, John Tokish, MD and Gus Mazzocca, MD
May 7th, 2020Failed Rotator Cuff RepairGrant Garrigues, MDJosh Dines, MD and Vani Sabesan, MD
May 14th, 2020Painful Shoulder ArthroplastyJay Keener, MDButch Krishnan, MD, Mark Frankle, MD and Leesa Galatz, MD
May 21st, 2020Painful Elbow OA in patient under 60yoBernard Morrey, MDBuddy Savoie, MD, Mike O’Brien, MD and Russell Huffman, MD
May 28th, 2020Failed 1x arthroscopic Bankart in the young collision athlete-what did I miss and what to do nextBrian Cole, MDAlbert Lin, MD, Kevin Farmer, MD and Andrew Rokito, MD
June 4th, 2020Scapular Dyskinesia-how to work up and manage-what else?Ben Kibler, MDIlya Voloshin, MD, Charlie Getz, MD and Bassem Elhassan, MD
June 11th, 2020Elbow StiffnessJoaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD, PhDMandeep Virk, MD, Andrew Green, MD and April Armstrong, MD
June 18th, 2020Young Painful Proximal Humerus malunion after ORIFAndrew Neviaser, MDEmilie Cheung, MD, Michael Khazzam, MD and James Kelly, MD
June 25th, 2020Infected Shoulder Arthroplasty with Neurologic DeficitEric Ricchetti, MDAdam Seidl, MD, Andrew Jawa, MD and Jon Levy, MD
July 2nd, 2020Elbow Instability in a throwing athlete with neurologic symptomsChris Ahmad, MDAnthony Romeo, MD and Frank Alberta, MD
July 9th, 2020Grade III AC joint in young active female with hyperlaxityStephen Brockmeier, MDSamer Hasan, MD, Brent Morris, MD and Mike Griewe, MD
July 16th, 2020HAGL and Reverse HAGLAnand Murthi, MDPaul Sethi, MD, Uma Srikumaran, MD and Lawrence Gulotta, MD
July 23rd, 2020Treatment of Complex Biceps/Triceps InjuriesChris Schmidt, MDScott Kaar, MD, Anshu Singh, MD and Raffy Mirzayan, MD
July 30th, 2020PASTA lesions and what to do in athletesPatrick Denard, MDEdwin Spencer, MD, Sarah Edwards, MD and David Glaser, MD
August 8th, 2020Adhesive capsulitis and failed painful post release patientSurena Namdari, MDMichael T. Freehill, MD, Justin Griffin, MD and Ronald Navarro, MD
August 13th, 2020Tips and Pearls in fixing Trochlea and Capitellar FracturesScott Steinmann, MDBryan Loeffler, MD, Sameer Nagda, MD and David Ring, MD

Past Session Recordings

Episode #1 – Shoulder Instability – Drs. Levine, Mazzocca, Provencher and Tokish

Episode #2 – Failed Rotator Cuff Repair – Drs. Dines, Garrigues and Sabesan

Episode #3 – Painful Shoulder Arthroplasty – Drs. Keener, Krishnan, Frankle and Galatz

Episode #4 – Painful Elbow – Drs. Morrey, Savoie, O’Brien and Huffman

Summary Document

Episode #5 – Failed Bankart – Drs. Cole, Lin, Farmer and Rokito

Episode #6 – Scapular Dyskinesia – Drs. Kibler, Elhassan, Getz and Voloshin

Episode #7 – Elbow Stiffness – Drs. Sanchez-Sotelo, Virk, Green and Armstrong

Episode #8 – Drs. Andrew Neviaser, Emilie Cheung, Michael Khazzam and James Kelly

Episode #9 – Drs. Eric Ricchetti, Andrew Jawa, Jonathan Levy and Adam Seidl

Episode #10 – Drs. Christopher Ahmad, Anthony Romeo and Frank Alberta

Episode #11 – Drs. Stephen Brockmeier, Samer Hasan, Brent Morris and Mike Griewe

Episode #12 – Drs. Anand Murthi, Paul Sethi, Uma Srikumaran and Lawrence Gulotta.

Episode #13 – Drs. Chris Schmidt, Scott Kaar, Anshu Singh and Raffy Mirzayan

Episode # 14 -Drs. Patrick Denard, Edwin Spencer, Sara Edwards and David Glaser.

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