Fellow’s Core Curriculum Series

Fellow's Core Curriculum Series
January 7, 2021Securing Your First Job & Contract NegotiationsSamer Hasan
Jennifer Boyle-Mehta, Mike McCaslin and James Gregory

January 14, 2021Building Your Team and Setting Up Your PracticeWilliam Levine
Mike Griewe, John Sperling and Mike Knudsen

January 21, 2021Billing and Coding for Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryJulie Bishop
Betsy Nolan, Kaveh Sajadi and Robert Gillespie

January 28, 2021Marketing Yourself as a Shoulder and Elbow SurgeonXavier Duralde
Edward Spencer, Randall Otto and Ian Byram

February 4, 2021Start an Independent Research ProgramLeesa Galatz
Ted Blaine, Brandon Erickson and Ron Navarro

February 11, 2021Medical Legal Rules of Performing an IMEEvan Lederman
Matt Saltzman, Kevin Shea and Andrew Green

February 18, 2021Work-Life IntegrationFran Cuomo
April Armstrong, Robert Creighton and Ilya Voloshin

February 25, 2021Diversity and EquitySarah Edwards
Oke Anakwenze and Kate Vadasdi

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