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Mountain Bike Accident with Clavicle Fracture

Chief Complaint/Clavicle Fracture Injury

31 year-old mountain biker and extreme sports enthusiast sustains a direct blow to his left shoulder in a crash


X-rays reveal a displaced and comminuted(fragmented) fracture of the lateral clavicle as demonstrated in the video. We discuss treatment options, goals and considerations related to surgical repair of this complex fracture.

Surgery – Clavicle Fracture Repair

Patient taken to surgery for open reduction internal fixation to anatomically reduce/align the fracture and fixate/repair the fracture with a pre-contoured locking plate and screws.


After 6 weeks in sling and dedicated work in physiotherapy over 3-4 months, the patient makes a full recovery and returns to all desired sports without limitation. Displaced clavicle fractures are common injuries in athletes of all age and abilities. Lateral clavicle fractures may involve comminution or fragmentation of the bone and injury to the adjacent coracoclavicular ligaments. Members of the ASES are dedicated to providing the highest level of care both surgical and non-operative to optimize return to function

ASESF Mission

Promoting research & education for care of the Shoulder & Elbow

  • Addressing critical research needs and furthering the study of shoulder and elbow injuries and repair
  • Supporting the entry of young physicians into the field of musculoskeletal health
  • Promoting and funding strategic educational initiatives in shoulder and elbow with the ultimate goal of delivering enhanced value-based care through better patient outcomes and lower costs
  • Educating the clinical and academic community, and the public, about care, surgical treatment options and prevention of injuries to shoulder and elbow
Support Critical Research and Specialized Education
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