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40-Year Celebration

Celebrating our 40th Year in 2024!

A Message from our 40th ASES President, Dr. John “Jed” Kuhn…

The ASES Foundation was established by ASES to assist in carrying out charitable and educational functions of the ASES.  Throughout the past 40 years, the Foundation has continued to grow its volunteer engagement, evolve its mission and vision, and expand its impact across membership and the patients of our members through a variety of initiatives and grant programs.

As the 40th President of the ASES, and in honor of the ASES Foundation’s 40th Year, I would like to ask you to support this milestone achievement by giving in some multiple of 40 (e.g. $40/$400/$4,000) for our 40 years, but at least Give$40for40.

Kind Regards,

Dr. John Kuhn, 2024 ASES President

Formation of the ASES Foundation

In 1982, the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) was founded to bring like-minded orthopaedic surgeons together to foster the field and promote education. It became apparent to the leadership of ASES that a separate vehicle was needed to assist in carrying out the charitable functions of the ASES. In 1984, the Continuing Education in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery was created. The purpose of this independent entity was to advance, support, promote, administer, and engage in charitable and educational activities, causes and projects. Under the leadership of Robert Cofield, this decree was signed by the following ASES board of directors and members:

Past and Current ASES Foundation Chairs

ASES Strategic Meeting, 2024


1984: The Formation of CESES

The Continuing Education in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (CESES), the precursor of the ASES Foundation, was established by the Society. The initial seed donations included funds from Dr. Charles Rockwood to promote and support fellowship education. The donation by Dr. Charles Neer II established the Neer Award given annually since 1985 to recognize outstanding research.

2011-2012: Ad Hoc Committee on Industry

The ASES Ad Hoc Committee on Industry, chaired by Richard Hawkins and co-chaired by Jonathan Ticker, initiated dialogues on the long-term outlook and funding for the Society. This included discussions with Anthony Miniaci, and his experience with other societies.

2013-2015: First By-Laws Established

With support from ASES Presidents Jeffrey Abrams, Robert Bell, and William Mallon, and the ASES Executive Committee, the structure and function of the successor to the CESES took form. This Foundation would focus initially on the ASES membership to raise funding for its initiatives. Dr. Bell and Anna Quintanilla, and her ASES staff, worked on the incorporating documents and the By-Laws.

2016: The Incorporation of the ASES Foundation

The CESES was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) and named the ASES Foundation. At the ASES Executive Committee meeting in August, the first bylaws were approved; and upon a motion duly made, seconded and passed, the Executive Committee elected Jonathan Ticker, MD as the first Chairman of the ASES Foundation Board of Trustees. The structure of the board includes:

  • Chairman
  • Immediate Past President of ASES
  • Secretary/Treasurer of ASES
  • Member-at-Large
  • Member-at-Large
  • Member-at-Large

The The Inaugural 2016 ASES Foundation Board Meeting, from left to right is Craig Satterlee, Anand Murthi, Richard Hawkins, Jonathan Ticker, JP Warner, Robert Bell, and Jesse Jupiter. Trustee Anthony Miniaci is not pictured here.

2017: Launch of Fellowship Education Program

Each year the ASES Foundation accepts applications for the ASES Foundation’s Fellowship Education Grant Program from from ASES-recognized fellowship programs. These funds are graciously provided by DePuy Synthes, Enovis, Pacira, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet and are used to fund the fellows salary and benefits.

2019: Launch of “The Shoulder” Reprint by Ernest Codman

The Shoulder: Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon and Other Lesions In or About the Subacromial Bursa has been, is now, and will always be a must read and a constant reference for those individuals who have any interest in the field of shoulder. It is our hope that this book will find its way into private and public libraries to allow for a deeper appreciation of the shoulder, and of EA Codman. Since it’s launch, 100% of the proceeds have gone towards supporting the ASES Foundation and its programs.

2020: Three Client-Centered, Funding-Focused Committees Added

2020 saw the first big jump in volunteer growth with the establishment of three ad-hoc committees; the Patient-Centered Initiatives (PCI), Member-Centered Initiatives (MCI), and Industry-Centered Initiatives (ICI) Committees. These Committees were created with the focus on:

  • PCI: Advertising shoulder/elbow medicine to the public and increase patient giving
  • MCI: Increasing exposure of the Foundation to members and establish a culture of giving back
  • ICI: Engaging our industry/business partners to help support the activities and endowments we are trying to grow

What started with just 8 board members in 2019 now has around 100 members (including NSEW planning committees) volunteering time and effort towards pushing the Foundation forward and expanding its impact.

2020: Release of the First Trends in Arthroplasty Survey

A unique state-of-the-art survey of trends with seminal data. With this, Industry partners who purchase the survey can use it for product development and marketing approaches. The second survey was released in 2023 with over 50% of the ASES membership replying to the survey’s 80+ questions. All net proceeds help fund ASES Foundation programs.

2021: National Shoulder & Elbow Week (NSEW) Launched

The launch of the inaugural National Shoulder & Elbow Week event took place in September 2021 in an effort to gather leading surgeons, their patients, and industry partners for Fellowship and Support of Shoulder and Elbow Health. This event was spread across five different locations, including Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Tampa. For 2024, our eight local NSEW event planning committees have added approximately 40 additional foundation volunteers working to advance the foundation. The money raised for these events have gone towards supporting the ASES Foundation as well as back to our Member Hosts as grants to be used towards special projects.

2022: The Foundation Store Opens for Business

With the launch of our Foundation Store, ASES members now have the opportunity to wear their allegiance on their sleeve and proudly represent this incredible association. Net proceeds help fund the ASES Foundation and its programs.

2023: The First Strategic Plan Meeting at ASES HQ

In June, 2023, the ASES Foundation built its first strategic plan during meetings in Schaumburg, Illinois led by Dr. Joseph Abboud and key foundation and society leaders. The plan resulted in a new ASES Foundation mission and vision and four key priorities of:

  • Visibility
  • Engagement
  • Funding
  • Alignment (with the society)

The new mission and vision are:

  • Our mission is to develop and provide resources to advance shoulder and elbow care.
  • Our vision is forging a legacy of resources for a world where patients have the best shoulder and elbow care.

Our Programs

Thanks to donations from our member doctors, patients, industry partners, and organizations throughout the years, the Foundation has proudly been able to develop and fund a variety of programs:

  • Fellowship Education Grants (25+ Programs & 30+ Fellows)
  • DEI Initiatives: ASES Scholars, Bioskills Lab, and Summer Interns
  • Exchange Fellowship Program (Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia)
  • Annual Mentor-Mentee Meeting
  • National Shoulder and Elbow Week / Local Research Grants
  • Multi-Centered Studies
  • Trends in Shoulder Arthroplasty Report
  • Candidate Research Grants

Program Testimonials

ASES Founders Share Why They Give Back...

What has the ASES meant to you and your career?   


Why do you think it is important to contribute to the ASES Foundation?


Drs. Matsen and Hawkins describe the role of the ASES as fundamental in shaping their careers. Donations to the Foundation will facilitate research, education, and support critical infrastructure.

2024 Donation Goals

Dr. Joseph A. Abboud, Foundation Chair

"As Chairman of the The ASES Foundation, it has been my goal to help enable the Foundation's new vision. Your giving supports critical foundation programs and research. If you have given in the past, please accept our most sincere thanks for your generosity in supporting our foundation programs. Our 2024 fundraising goal is $300,000, and whether you've donated in the past or have yet to donate, please consider doing so in honor of this milestone year. Thank you!"

Raise $300,000

90% Membership Participation

In 2023, 22% of our total membership donated to our causes. To help us achieve our donation and member participation goals, as well as honor our 40th year, we are encouraging all members to join our unofficial 40-40 club and…

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)

In Major League Baseball (MLB), the 40–40 club is the group of batters who have collected 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season. In total, only five players have reached the 40–40 club in MLB history and none have done so more than once.

Thank you to those that have supported throughout the years!

Shoulder 360
Georgia Shoulder & Elbow Society, Inc.
Mid Atlantic Shoulder & Elbow Society
Faculty of the ASES 2017 Resident Course
Angelo Foundation
Joseph A. Abboud, MD
Mina Abdelshahed, MD
Robert Ablove, MD
Jeff Abrams, MD
Kyle Achors, MD
Kevin Ahern, MD
Shahryar Ahmadi, MD
William Aibinder, MD
Francis G. Alberta, MD
J. Mack Aldridge III, MD
Alexander W. Aleem, MD
Answorth A. Allen, MD
Arnold Alqueza, MD
David Altchek, MD
Eric Alyea, MD
Michael H. Amini, MD
Oke Anakwenze, MD
Michel A. Arcand, MD
Robert A. Arciero, MD
April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC
Craig T. Arntz, MD
Jessica Aronowitz, MD
John Arvesen, MD
Andrew Assenmacher, MD
George S. Athwal, MD
Daniel Austin, MD
Luke S. Austin, MD
Jeremie M. Axe, MD
Brian L. Badman, MD
Maher J. (Matt) Bahu, MD
Sean Bak
Matthew Baker, MD
Champ L. Baker III, MD
Champ L. Baker Jr, MD
Mark E. Baratz, MD
Jonathan Barlow, MD
Leslie Barnes, MD
O. Alton Barron, MD
R. Shane Barton, MD
Carl J. Basamania, MD
Rocco Bassora, MD
Keith M. Baumgarten, MD
Robert Bell
Michael Bercik, MD
Ryan T. Bicknell, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Louis Bigliani, MD
Julie Y. Bishop, MD
Eric Black, MD
Theodore A. Blaine, MD
Matthew Blake, MD
Kamal I. Bohsali, MD
Matthew Bollier, MD
Andrew Boltuch, MD
Martin Bouliane, MD
Robert E. Boykin, MD
Jonathan P. Braman, MD
Jonathan T. Bravman, MD
Danieal Brereton, MD
Stephen Brockmeier, MD
Tyler J. Brolin, MD
Barrett Brown, MD
Matthew D. Budge, MD
W.Z. (Buz) Burkhead, Jr., MD
Joseph P. Burns, MD
Katherine A. Burns, MD
Brandon “Brad” D. Bushnell, MD
Ian R. Byram, MD
Alison Cabrera, MD
Jonathan Callegari
Richard Calvin, MD
Nicholas M. Capito, MD
Gregory Carolan, MD
Daniel Carpenter, MD
Shannon Carpenter, MD
Raymond Carroll, MD
Danielle Casagrande, MD
Aaron M. Chamberlain, MD
Michael Charles
Raymond Chen, MD
Steven C. Chudik, MD
Christopher R. Chuinard, MD
William Ciccone, MD
Akin Cil, MD
Carl Cirino, MD
Jason J.C. Clark, MD
Robert H. Cofield, MD
Charles Cogan, MD
Matthew Cohn, MD
Brian J. Cole
David N. Collins, MD
Frank A. Cordasco, MD
John G. Costouros, MD, FACS
Jacob Cox, MD
Ryan Cox, MD
Edward V. Craig, MD
R. Alexander Creighton, MD
Kevin Cronin, MD
Lynn A. Crosby, MD
Derek J. Cuff, MD
Guoquin Cui, MD
Frances Cuomo, MD
Ralph J. Curtis Jr., MD
Don and Sally
Phani K. Dantuluri, MD
Daniel Davis, MD
Joseph P. DeAngelis, MD
Martin J. Degravelle, MD
Niloofar Dehghan, MD
Ruth Delaney, MD
Mehmet S. Demirhan, MD
Patrick J. Denard, MD
Allen A. Deutsch, MD
Veronica A. Diaz, MD
Matthew F. Dilisio, MD
Mark T. Dillon, MD
David M. Dines, MD
Joshua S. Dines, MD
Matthew DiPaola, MD
Christopher C. Dodson, MD
Matthew J. Dubiel, MD
Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH
Thomas R. Duquin, MD
Xavier A. Duralde, MD
Sara Edwards, MD
Thomas Bradley Edwards
Josef Eichinger
Hussein A. Elkousy, MD
Donald P. Endrizzi, MD
John Erickson
James C. Esch, MD
Peter Evans
Nathan Everding, MD
Frederick Ewald
Daniel C. Fabiano, MD
Jaroslaw Fabis, MD
Kevin Farmer, MD
A. Payman Farsaii, MD
Paul J. Favorito, MD
Catherine Fedorka, MD
Brian Feeley
David J. Fehnel, MD
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Kelly Fitzpatrick
Brody A. Flanagin, MD
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Brian Forsythe, MD
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Craig Foster
Kimberly Jo Franke, MD
Family Foundation
Mark A. Frankle, MD
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Michael T. Freehill, MD
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Michael C. Fu, MD
Leesa Galatz
Balazs Galdi, MD
Brian Galinat
Joseph Galvin
Matthew Garberina
Nickolas G. Garbis, MD
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Rishi Garg, MD
Grant E. Garrigues, MD
Gary M. Gartsman, MD
Stephen Gates
Trenton Gause
Joseph Gentile
Mark H. Getelman, MD
Charles L. Getz, MD
Robert J. Gillespie, MD
Mohit N. Gilotra, MD
David L. Glaser, MD
Michele T. Glasgow, MD
Ronald E. Glousman, MD
Reuben Gobezie, MD
Frank Gohlke, MD
Daniel Goltz, MD
Gregory Gomez
Thomas P. Goss, MD
Gregory Gramstad
Benjamin Graves, MD
Brian M. Grawe, MD
Andrew Green, MD
Michael & Phyllis Green (Dr. Ticker’s Patient)
James M. Gregory, MD
R. Michael Greiwe, MD
Justin Griffin
Timothy Griffith, MD
Steven I. Grindel, MD
Brian Grogan, MD
Gordon Groh
R. Michael Gross, MD
Konrad Gruson
Jonathan Guevara, MD
Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD
Stephen B. Gunther
Hari Gupta
Abdul-ilah Hachem Harake
Daniel J. Hackett Jr., MD
Georges Haidamous
Joanne Halbrecht, MD
Kazutoshi Hamada, MD, PhD
Nady Hamid, MD
Robert E Hancock
Tammam Hanna
Phillip E. Hansen, MD
Samuel Harmsen
Ryan Harold, MD
Damion Harris, MD
Alicia K. Harrison
Andrew Hartmen
Robert Hartzler
Samer S. Hasan, MD, PhD
Syed A. Hasan, MD
Hill Hastings, II, MD
George F. “Rick” Hatch, III, MD
Taku Hatta, MD
Steven J. Hattrup, MD
Armodios M. Hatzidakis, MD
Richard J. Hawkins, MD
Benjamin Hendy
Marion M. Herring, MD
Carolyn M. Hettrich, MD, MPH
Jeffrey “R” Hill
Paul Hobeika
Rudolf Hoellrich, MD
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G. Brian Holloway, MD
J. Gabriel Horneff, III, MD
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Loren Hudspeth
G. Russell Huffman, MD, MPH
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Hafiz Kassam
Jack E. Kazanjian, DO
Jay D. Keener, MD
Brian Kelly, MD
James D. Kelly, II, MD
John D. Kelly, IV, MD
Keith Kenter, MD
Adam Khan
Michael S. Khazzam, MD
Justin Khoriaty, MD
W. Ben Kibler
Christopher M. Kilian, MD
Seung-Ho Kim, MD
Hyunmin Mike Kim, MD
Joseph J. King, MD
Joern Kircher, MD, PhD
Jacob Kirsch
Christopher Klifto
Michael Lee Knudsen, MD
Jason L. Koh, MD
Eitan Kohan
Andreas Kontaxis
Nathan Kopydlowski
David Kovacevic, MD
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Frances B. Ticker
Jonathan B. Ticker, MD
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National Philanthropic
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Chris Young
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Dean W. Ziegler, MD
Joseph Zuckerman

ASES Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of the ASES Foundation is to develop and provide resources to advance shoulder and elbow care.

ASES Foundation Vision Statement

The vision of the ASES Foundation is Forging a legacy of resources for a world where patients have the best shoulder and elbow care.

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