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Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our mission is to develop and provide resources to advance shoulder and elbow care.

  • Our vision is forging a legacy of resources for a world where patients have the best shoulder and elbow care.

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ASES Foundation's 2023 Year-End Appeal

Please Read Dr. Joseph A. Abboud's 2024 Year-End Appeal Letter below: 

November 21, 2023

Dear ASES Member:

I am reaching out to you as Chairman of The ASES Foundation as we open our foundation’s 2023 Year-End Appeal. My goal has been to help enable The ASES Foundation’s new mission,

“To develop and provide resources to advance shoulder and elbow care.”

Your giving supports critical foundation programs and research. If you have given in the past, please accept our most sincere thanks for your generosity in supporting our foundation programs including.

        • Fellowship Education Grants

        • DEI Initiatives

        • Exchange Fellowship Program

        • Mentorship Programs

        • National Shoulder and Elbow Week

        • Multi-Centered Studies

        • Trends in Shoulder Arthroplasty Report

        • Candidate Research Grants

These programs are impactful, maybe even to you, your residents, or fellows, but they require annual financial support and collective giving from all ASES members. Here are two stories of the impact of The ASES Foundation’s funded Fellowship Exchange Program:

        • “The ASES Exchange Fellowship was critical to my future success as a shoulder and elbow surgeon. Those early visits led to long-lasting friendships that have significantly impacted my life and career.” William N. Levine, MD

        • “I’m very proud of the fact that I was one of the first members of the ASES of Indian descent. And through the sponsorship and diversity programs, that are funded by the ASES Foundation, we’re now able to provide to people around the world experiences and educational opportunities similar to what I have.” Sumant G. Krishnan, MD

        • “The ability to broaden your perspective and see that people think differently about shoulder and elbow problems, in different parts of the world, was really eye-opening to me.” Thomas (Quin) Throckmorton, MD

        • “It was truly an honour to meet with world renowned shoulder and elbow specialists to learn from their techniques and take away “tips and pearls” from their years of experience and wisdom.” April D. Armstrong, MD

I know you support the ASES Foundation and the ASES society in many ways, and I hope you will consider donating and supporting our foundation’s year-end appeal. We would love to be able to boast a 100% participation by all our members. Any donation, $25, $100, $1,000 or more is greatly appreciated.

Whether you’ve already donated or have yet to donate, I hope you will consider supporting the ASES Foundation—the life-line to many ASES programs.  You may make single donations or pledges either:

        • Online here.

        • Mail a check with this linked donation form: PDF or Word

        • Considering a Major Gift or Planned Giving? Email Robert Harkey, Sr. Development Coordinator at

Donors are recognized on our website here.

Thank you again for your consideration, and we hope that we can count on your continued generosity going forward.


Joseph A. Abboud, MD

Chairman ASES Foundation

Support Critical Research and Specialized Education
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