Texas Education and Research Foundation for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Fellowship

Hussein Elkousy, MD, Co-Fellowship Director
Brent J. Morris, MD, Co-Fellowship Director
T. Bradley Edwards, MD
James B. Bennett, MD
Thomas L. Mehlhoff, MD
Barrett Brown, MD
Idriss Gharbaoui, MD
Mufaddal Gombera, MD
Mitzi Laughlin, PhD (Research Faculty)
Randy Luo, MD

TERFSES (Texas Education and Research Foundation for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery)

7401 Main Street, Attn: Rexah (Michele) Byrne
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 218-633-1796Fax: 713-512-7240E-mail: rexahmbyrne@yahoo.com

Duration: 1 year (August 1- July 31)

Deadline: Applications Due by November 15,2018

Number of Fellows: 1 fellow per year

Stipend: $63,000/year plus benefits (4 weeks vacation)

Location: Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Fellowship Description:

The TERFSES shoulder and elbow surgery fellowship was formerly known as the FOARR and the Texas Orthopedic Hospital fellowship. The name has changed to reflect our non-profit research foundation; however, the fellowship experience in Houston remains the same.  The fellowship was started under the guidance of former ASES president, Gary Gartsman, in 2002.  The fellowship offers a unique experience in the management of patients with shoulder pathology.  There is a large volume and breadth of exposure to the entire spectrum of shoulder disorders (4,000 new patient visits; 12,000 clinic visits; 1,500 operations). The experience includes intensive training in arthroscopy, open reconstruction, arthroplasty, fracture care, and diagnostic ultrasound.  The faculty is engaged in multiple, prospective randomized clinical trials as well as retrospective case series. We attempt to foster a lifetime commitment to research, and the research opportunities available during fellowship are robust.  The fellow will have access to one of the largest prospective shoulder arthroplasty registries in the country.  Multiple fellows have completed research that has been awarded two coveted Charles S. Neer Clinical Science Awards, the top research award in shoulder surgery.

Additionally, there is a very good exposure to disorders of the elbow including trauma, arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, distal biceps repair, nerve decompression, arthroplasty, revision arthroplasty, management of OCD lesions, and management of non-unions. The unique nature of this fellowship is that we select only one fellow and allow the fellow to work with all faculty members simultaneously throughout the year in order to maximize the educational experience and allow the fellow the opportunity to emphasize shoulder and/or elbow areas as desired.  Fellows typically average between 650 to 700 surgical cases per year.

The fellow does have the option to moonlight with supervised call covering a level 4 orthopedic emergency room (our home institution – Texas Orthopedic Hospital) for additional pay if desired, but, overall, after hours responsibilities are minimal.

This fellowship is an ASES approved Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship program and participates in the San Francisco Match.

Interveiw Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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