ASES News – March 2024

ASES News - March 2024

Presidential Message from John (Jed) E. Kuhn, MD

With the advent of spring, the day length begins to get longer. Much of the ASES work that goes on behind the scenes is conducted via evening Zoom calls, and I am looking forward to having some daylight when they occur!

I have only a few items to report:

  1. The new ASES App is now available. The new version is far better than the old and continues to improve. You will have access to the ASES News Feed, Meetings and Courses, the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, our ASES Podcasts, The SHED, the DocMatter Online Community, and the ASES Radiographic Photo Library to help you find implant types when faced with revisions. Please search for “ASES 365”, download it, sign in using the same login info as the ASES Website, and see all the awesome features it has!
  2. The Fellows’ Day at SDSI will be held June 14th at the San Diego Shoulder Institute Meeting. I hope you have had your fellows submit abstracts, so they have a chance to win the Cofield or Hawkins Awards! We will be showcasing our relationship with Precision OS as we develop educational and social materials in the virtual world!
  3. National Shoulder and Elbow Week will be held May 13-18 in Salt Lake City, Denver, Asheville, Phoenix, Lexington, Buffalo, Boston, and West Palm Beach. Please be sure to go to ASES Foundation website and register for the location
    nearest you!
  4. Foundation Fund Raiser – At the Annual Meeting in October, the ASES Foundation will be presenting a fund-raising auction. A silent auction running throughout the meeting and a live auction during the Neer Circle Dinner that will raise funds to support the mission of the ASES Foundation. Please check your emails for a request from Joe Abboud and donate items to raise funds! I am offering my fishing cabin in the North Carolina mountains just northwest of Asheville on a privately stocked trout stream! Please look for the email from Joe Abboud and donate!
  5. Finally, in April we will be having our ASES Strategic Planning Retreat to help chart the course for the next 5 years. The last retreat set an ambitious agenda, which we met our goals earlier than expected-we are grateful for your dedicated service to the ASES. We look forward to this retreat, and we will be reporting our findings and plans in future messages.

Thanks for all you do!

The New and Improved ASES Mobile App!

As you may be aware, ASES launched our first 365 mobile app roughly 3 years ago, in an effort to provide our members with more ways to access all the great ASES programs and resources. However, we received feedback from members that the app was not very user friendly and outside of the Annual Meeting, we did not see a lot of usage by our membership.

The ASES Technology Committee took this feedback and used it to develop a new mobile app that we believe will provide our members with a much more streamlined and engaging experience. The new mobile app provides members with the ability to:

  • Get updated on all upcoming ASES activities via the Newsfeed section
  • Easily track all ASES meetings and events
  • Gain quick access to the JSES website
  • Listen to the ASES Podcast directly within the app
  • Access our newest ASES member benefits such as the Radiographic Photo Library, the ASES Online Community and the SHED video database
  • Communicate with other app users via the in-app messaging feature
  • Access your members only profile
  • And much more

To download the app you can search “ASES” in either the Apple or Google Play Store.

Note: You will need to login the first time you open the app to verify your membership status. The login is the same as the members-only section of the ASES website.

Please contact ASES Staff at if you have any questions.

Value-Based Care and ASES

Value-based Healthcare is a concept introduced by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg in 2006 as a way of reframing healthcare systems with the goal of increasing value for patients, with value being principally defined as Health outcomes per unit of cost. Over the ensuing 1.5 decades, this concept has matured to include not only a focus on improved measurement of outcomes and costs, but also the changing landscape of provider organizations, and bundled payment programs. Furthermore, goals have expanded beyond simply decreasing costs to more broadly improving delivery and efficacy of medical and surgical treatments to optimize health outcomes for patients.

As members of ASES, there are also many topics that are of direct relevance as healthcare providers and surgeons, including the shift of shoulder arthroplasty from inpatient to outpatient settings, implant costs, private equity purchases, and employed physician models. To provide value for ASES members, ASES President Jed Kuhn and ASES Immediate Past President Peter MacDonald established collaborative efforts with the American College of Perioperative Medicine (ACPM) led by Dr. Zeev Kain. Since 2016, the ACPM has held a variety of seminars and conferences including its annual Orthopaedic Value Based Healthcare Conference.

To foster an exchange of ideas and stimulate new initiatives between the two groups, the ASES executive council asked Drs. JP Warner and John Sperling to present at a session moderated by Dr. Ranjan Gupta at the recent OVBC meeting March 21-23, 2024. This was an incredibly well-received session where Dr. Warner shared ideas from the Codman Society about the impact of physician skill on patient outcomes, while Dr. Sperling shared the guiding principles from the Mayo Clinic regarding the introduction and adoption of new technology, all through a lens of ‘adding value.’ In addition, other ASES members served as invited speakers including Drs. Gus Mazzocca, Brian Cole, and Felix Savoi who shared their insights about alternative payment models, the use of orthobiologics, clinical growth models, and value in sports medicine.

Similarly, Drs. Kuhn and MacDonald have worked hard to create a session at the ASES 2024 Annual Meeting focused on Value-Based Health Care, further increasing awareness and facilitating the exchange of ideas regarding these increasingly relevant topics for all ASES members.

All members are invited to attend this special session during the ASES Annual Meeting taking place October 16-19, 2024 in San Antonio.

2024-2025 Leadership Development Program Application Coming Soon!


Once again, the ASES Member Experience Committee, led by Drs. Emilie Cheung and Jason Holcomb invite all members who are interested in advancing and honing their leadership skills and competencies to apply for the 2024-25 program cycle. J3P Health, a professional leadership consulting firm, will implement this customized leadership training for up to 15 participants.

The goal of this program is to promote leadership education and development for shoulder and elbow surgeons. Graduates will be placed on ASES committees upon completion of the program, and receive points toward advancement to another membership category.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Active participation in 3 in-person and 2 virtual sessions throughout the year (click HERE to view the session schedule)
  • An approach to strategic, creative, and visionary thinking with a focus on the unique challenges facing shoulder and elbow surgeons (i.e., job prospects)
  • A 360 Behavioral Assessment
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Implementation of a long-term sustainable leadership program to strengthen the ASES and assess the leadership development needs among the society’s membership
  • Interactive sessions and networking opportunities

The society’s goal is to promote effective leadership and develop new ways to successfully serve its growing membership in the constantly changing competitive healthcare environment.

This is an excellent opportunity for members who are looking to advance within the society, assume leadership positions in their medical practices, and/or sharpen their leadership competencies. This activity is generously supported by the ASES Foundation.

To learn more about the LDP, including the opportunity to view past participants’ video testimonials click below.

National Shoulder and Elbow Week

2024 National Shoulder & Elbow Week

“Lift Up” May 13-18, 2024

Only 6 Weeks Left!

Register Now and Support Patient Care

A message from Chairman Dr. Abboud explaining the importance of this special event. 

Hello ASES Members!

The ASES Foundation is proud to announce that this year’s National Shoulder & Elbow Week – “Lift Up” event taking place May 13-18th is open for registration.

What is National Shoulder and Elbow Week? The ASES Foundation created National Shoulder and Elbow Week as an opportunity to

  • Increase awareness of the impact that shoulder and elbow health care have on our society nationally and in local communities.
  • Provides fellowship among local leaders, surgeons, patients, and industry partners.
  • Learn about the latest advancements in shoulder and elbow care.

Attend and bring a favorite patient as your Guest! 

  • Bringing a patient fulfills the critical ASES Foundation priority of engaging patients.
  • “Lift Up” organized by the ASES Foundation’s Patient-Centered Initiatives (PCI) Committee.

Can’t Attend? Donate to Show Your Support!

  • Support your friends, fellow members, a city, or event by donating to their site to acknowledge their time and effort put into organizing their events!
  • Support a city’s event, their speakers, and guests.
  • Support Lift Up Grants—NSEW funds local grants to support shoulder and elbow Research, Education, or Events.

Register, See Agendas, or Donate to any of the events here.

The Call for Abstracts is now live on the ASES website for the 2024 Annual Meeting, taking place October 16-19, 2024, at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas, and the 2025 ASES/AANA Joint Specialty Day taking place March 14th, 2025 in San Diego, California.


You may use the following link for abstract submissions: Call for Abstracts. You must login to your ASES member account to submit an abstract.

Before submitting your abstract, please review the Abstract Guidelines.

The deadline date for all submissions is Wednesday, May 1st 2024 11:59pm CDT

2024 Annual Meeting News

Preparations are well underway for the 2024 Annual Meeting taking place October 16-19, 2024 at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas! Along with ASES President Dr. John E. (Jed) Kuhn, Co-Chairs Drs. Carolyn M. Hettrich, MD, MPH, Michael S. Khazzam, MD, Edwin E. Spencer, Jr., MD are in the process of finalizing a robust scientific program covering all areas of shoulder and elbow surgery relevant to the current landscape.

In addition to the educational focus of the meeting, the 2024 program will offer a number of new targeted and general audience networking events, including a Women in Orthopaedics Breakfast Symposium, a Candidate/Past President’s Dinner and a Mentor/Mentee Reception. Additionally, all Annual Meeting participants are invited to join us for the “Buckhorn Bash” Friday night party, featuring extensive food and beverage options, entertainment, fun activities and our Lucchese Pop-Up Shop, where attendees will be able to shop for custom ASES-branded clothing and boots from the legendary Texas boot manufacturer.

Registration and housing is set to open on June 1, 2024.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to San Antonio in October!

Spotlight on San Antonio

Mark your Calendars for the 2024 ASES Annual Meeting taking place October 16-19 in San Antonio, Texas!


In a historically rich and ethnically diverse city, one would expect to find a vivid tapestry of arts and culture — San Antonio is no exception.

Historic Art Districts
Eclectic art districts adorn city streets with legendary histories and cultural offerings. Two must-sees for art lovers are La Villita Historic Arts Village and Market Square. La Villita, “the little village,” was one of San Antonio’s original settlements. It became a hub of Texas revolutionary activity in 1835 and 1836. Today, La Villita is a haven for artists and craftsmen selling jewelry, stained glass, and other handicrafts, as well as fashions from Mexico and Guatemala. 


Dating to 1840, Market Square (El Mercado), the largest Mexican marketplace north of the Rio Grande, is a festive combination of Tex-Mex cuisine, music, entertainment, products ranging from pearls to piñatas, and the anchor Centro de Artes.

Legendary Architecture
Explore Spanish colonial architecture at San Antonio’s five 18th-century mission. Among them is the Alamo, which has become permanently etched in the annals of history. In 1836, 189 defenders of Texas independence held The Alamo against some 4,000 Mexican troops for 13 days. Four other Spanish colonial missions founded in the early 1700s form the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park—a marvelous place to explore the city’s roots and Spain’s influence on the southwestern part of the United States. The visitor center at Mission San José is an excellent starting point. Drive from mission to mission or take the Mission Reach portion of the River Walk, perfect for hiking and biking. The Alamo along with the four Spanish colonial missions were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first in Texas.

The San Antonio Museum of Art is housed in a castle-like building that was formerly the Lone Star Brewery. This museum is noted for its antiquities collections and the 30,000 square-foot Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Latin American Art—the largest repository of its kind. The Lenora and Walter F. Brown Asian Art Wing offers 15,000 square feet of galleries dedicated to the museum’s Asian art collection that spans nearly 6,000 years of history.

The Witte Museum is San Antonio’s premiere museum of South Texas history, culture, and natural science. Located on the banks of the San Antonio River, the Witte offers permanent exhibits that include dinosaur skeletons, cave drawings, wildlife dioramas, and several historic homes. Changing galleries include Texas artists, textiles, and showcase exhibits. A recent $100 million renovation to the Smithsonian-affiliated museum included major expansions to popular attractions and collections as well as completely new labs, exhibits, and galleries.

The Smithsonian-affiliated Institute of Texan Cultures, located in Hemisfair, chronicles more than 25 ethnic groups that made the Lone Star State what it is today. Their stories are told through words, photos, and fascinating displays that include eclectic items such as a Native American teepee, an old-time barbershop, a frontier dentist’s office, a town square band gazebo, an African-American sharecropper’s house, and even a working post office.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of the ASES organizational structure as most volunteer work in the society occurs through committees. The success of the ASES is due largely to the volunteer committee and panel members who provide an invaluable service to the society.

The ASES is issuing a Call for Volunteers to encourage society-wide participation in the many existing projects and new endeavors of our society. We have positions available on several committees.

If you are interested in serving on any of the committees listed below, please fill out an electronic form (via the link below), upload your CV, a brief letter of interest, and disclosure form. Please submit your application by Friday, May 3rd. 

List of Open Committee Positions

  • Abstract Review Panel
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
  • Early Career Development and Mentorship Subcommittee
  • Education Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Exchange Fellowship Committee
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Member Experience Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Political Advocacy Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Young Scholars Memorial Fellowship Award Committee (JSES)
  • Neviaser Award Committee (JSES)
  • ASES Foundation Ad Hoc Committee on Member-Centered Initiatives
  • ASES Foundation Ad Hoc Committee on Industry-Centered Initiatives
  • ASES Foundation Grants Committee

ASES committees play an important role in advancing and promoting education and research in shoulder and elbow care, and I hope that you will consider applying.

Thank you in advance for your interest in serving on the ASES Committees.

Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD, PhD
Committee on Committees, Chair

Advocacy Spotlight

We are soliciting original research and opinion papers on topics related to advocacy, health policy, health economics, and other relevant areas. For example, our Committee Members are already working with colleagues in Japan to bring us the story of the RTSA’s journey through governmental approval – and how that policy decision impacted both research and clinical care for many years. 

In addition to international perspectives on advocacy and health policy, the issue will feature original research on advocacy and health policy issues. For example – the Advocacy Committee recently published a multi-center study about prior authorization review (Jarrett, JSES, November 2023 e-pub). 

If you or your institution has any completed or ongoing research you think might be thematically appropriate, please use this link to submit your paper!

We hope to have the issue completed by the end of the year – and we will keep you posted on its progress! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Bushnell directly at  

ASES Podcast - New Episodes

Episode 100

In this episode, hosts Dr. Peter Chalmers and Rachel Frank interview future ASES President Dr. Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo.

Changing Jobs

In this episode, hosts Dr. Rachel Frank and Peter Chalmers interview Dr. Evan Lederman about changing jobs later in your practice.

Neer and Morrey Award Submissions

The Charles S. Neer Award
The Neer Award was established in honor of Dr. Charles S. Neer, who was one of the founding members and the first president of ASES. The award was created to provide recognition for outstanding clinical and basic science investigations contributing to the understanding, care of, or prevention of injuries to the Shoulder. Both a Clinical Research Award and a Basic Science Research Award in Shoulder will be awarded each year.

Click here for more details regarding the new submission process.

The Bernard F. Morrey Award
The Morrey Award was established in honor of Dr. Bernard Morrey who was one of the founding members of the ASES. The award was created to provide recognition for outstanding clinical or basic science investigations contributing to the understanding, care, or prevention of injuries to the elbow. The Morrey Award will be awarded each year to the best elbow (clinical or basic science) paper.

Click here for more details regarding the submission process.

Submissions for both the Neer and Morrey Awards are due by July 1st, 2024.

The call for Abstracts for ASES 2024 Fellows’ Day at SDSI is now closed, and submissions are currently being reviewed. Fellows who are selected to participate will be notified within the next few weeks. Thank you to all who took the time to submit their important research for this important event!

Fellows selected for a podium/poster presentation will receive free registration to the entire San Diego Shoulder Institute. ASES will also subsidize participant’s travel/hotel expenses

The ASES Fellows Day at SDSI will be held on Friday, June 14, 2024, at the Annual San Diego Shoulder Institute (SDSI) in San Diego, CA. In addition to the presentation of the selected abstracts, the symposium will culminate with the Robert H. Cofield, MD Award for the highest rated Oral Presentation and the Richard J. Hawkins, MD Award for the highest rated Poster Presentation.

We hope to see you all in San Diego in June!

Mark Your Calendars

We are pleased to announce our upcoming ASES educational offerings! Complete details will follow in the new year, but in the interim, please add these important dates to your calendar:

ASES Fellows’ Day at SDSI
June 14, 2024
Hilton San Diego, San Diego, CA 

ASES 2024 Annual Meeting
October 17-19, 2024
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio, TX

  • Abstract Submission Portal is open!

ASES 2024 Shoulder and Elbow Course for Residents and Fellows
November 21-23, 2024
Orthopaedic Learning Center (OLC), Rosemont, Illinois

ASES 2025 Annual Meeting
October 16-18, 2025
Gaylord Pacific Resort, San Diego, CA

ICSES 2026: Vancouver
September 22-25, 2026
Vancouver, BC

ASES 2027 Annual Meeting
October 13-16, 2027
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor, MD (DC Metro)

Shoulder and Elbow Career Opportunities

Advertise on the ASES Website

Space is available on the ASES Career Opportunities pages to advertise open Shoulder and Elbow positions. If you are interested you can download an application on our website.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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